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How much do you LOVE this look? I don’t know if its because the model looks so cool but I want to look exactly like this!! I would never pick this up in a shop, I’d be afraid I’d look like a mechanic but she is just styled so well!! Image


I found Vulgar whilst browsing on Asos… I highly recommend anyone who likes vintage style clothing and anyone who is stylish really! There’s something for everyone here and you’re guaranteed to find a GEM that will stay with you for a long time! 

Tell me what you guys think! 

Proud to be Irish!


This is Laura Whitmore. She started off as a MTV news reporter. She has a passion for fashion like most of us and she is one that I look to for inspiration.

I met her once at a festival, and while the rest of us were looking filthy, she looked amazing. You should check out more of her looks, she really has a great style!


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You’re done! Image

Sorry for the bad quality photo’s… but that’s not important!

I went shopping for the prize today and saw these…. I had to get two pairs one for me and one for you ❤

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Competition Warning!!!

You can be in with a chance of winning JEWELLERY! In the coming days I will post up the winning piece and the TWO EASY STEPS you need to do to be in the DRAW! 

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I’ll Guide You!

ImageSo, for all of you who love FASHION and love a great price, then misguided is for YOU! This online fashion site is just ADDICTIVE! They really have something for everyone who loves clothes! They do everything from clothing, shoes and accessories. I really recommend you to just even have a look!

This site is all about having fun with fashion and to enjoy your clothes, express yourself and be comfortable with your style!

Really want to hear your opinion on it guys! LET ME KNOW!



Easter Look!


This dress reminds me so much of Easter because of the yellow and pinky/purple colours!

I first saw this on Fashion Police on E! and they said that the dress is too young to be worn by Eva Mendes! I personally think she looks great! I know the colours can look very young but i think the cut of the dress makes the colours work with her age! She looks great! And yes I would love to see it on someone younger maybe Kristen Stewart.

What do you think of the dress?

Fashion Shoot!

ImageI took this photograph about a year ago and OhMyGod have I learned not to over-do it with  photoshop in the past year! Its a cool angle and cute outfit but i really over did the photoshop! AMATURE!

Anyways enough about my shabby photography skills from a year ago! 

The top is from Oasis and Jeans are Topshop and shoes are from Penneys (Primark).

I chose to photograph this look at the time because fashion photography is very over the top and colourful and i decided to do the opposite i suppose. Looking back I would change a lot. I’ve learned that fashion is meant to be over the top and exciting and eye-catching! WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Any bad fashion choices of yours you wish to share?


Little Black Dress!

ImageSo we all have a LBD! But lets face it, there’s nothing new and exciting about them. We all want to stand out of a crowd and feel confident, comfortable and sexy. So I’ve put together some LBD’s that stand out without jewellery or accessories! They speak for themselves. 

The TIGER dress is from H&M and is a great day-time dress. Pair this with some black tights, boots and a blazer and you’re ready for all the head-turns.

The CAT dress is from TOPSHOP and just stunning and great for a day-time look!

The top two dresses in the above image is from http://www.misguided.eu ! Its a GREAT website and I’m constantly on it. These two dresses are perfect for me, they cover me up yet show some skin and leave plenty to the imagination! The skater cut dress means that its loose on the legs and hips for those who maybe concious!

Last but not least the bottom dress is from BERSHKA! The detail on the back is what stood out for me and will have all the boys and girls drooling over you! The front is nothing special but the nettings creeps from the back up to the shoulders and brings the attention upwards! 

What do you think of my LBD picks? Would you wear them? Let me know!


Outfit Today!

ImageSo this is my look for the day 🙂 Its very casual with the black high-top converse but I was feeling comfortable today. My denim dress which i adore is from OASIS and was 56euro and my blazer is from H&M ( ON SALE AT NLY 10EURO) BONUS!!!!! I love SALES and BLAZERS!

A blazer makes any look fabulous. Blazers are just everywhere now and can be worn any season, just be careful with the colour! I know I’m wearing a black one in Spring but it was snowing today in dublin and didn’t feel chirpy enough to rock my pink blazer. Black really is the safe option!

My necklace was a STEAL at just 5euro in Penneys (Primark)!!